A.R.T Your Life assists individuals and teams to increase their capabilities, outcomes and potential.


Our suite of innovative and contemporary workshops strengthen self-awareness, communication skills, emotional intelligence, resilience, positive relationships, confidence, mental health and overall wellbeing at work rest and play.

A.R.T. is not about finger painting or drawing. It stands for...

A = Activate

Your self-awareness

R = Reshape

Your thinking

T = Transform

Your life

Our acronym encapsulates the process of change and growth needed to achieve the results and success you want in different areas of life, whether that be your health, wealth, career, communication skills, leadership of others, business, parenting and or relationships.

All our programs have a strong focus on behavioural flexibility and agility, stress management and personal accountability, thereby cultivating a positive growth mindset in both a personal and professional environment.

The bottom line is your perspective, habits, experiences, mindset, self-confidence, and attitude impact every aspect of your personal and professional life.

Training - Programs - Workshops - One to one

Corporate & Team Training

Our business growth workshops facilitate a variety of activities to empower your people to grow your business. 

Programs for Women

Our programs provide the strategies, support, encouragement and accountability you need to transform your life. 

One to One Coaching

1:1 Transformational coaching and mentoring which is personalised with your own world class A.R.T Coach.

"We are committed to empowering individuals, organisations and teams to achieve personal and professional success and fulfilment."

- Catie Kirke

A.R.T Your Life Testimonials

I learnt so much about myself, my habits, my reactions, my behaviours and what makes me and others tick.


In over 30 years of working in Government it is the most comprehensive and impactful personal and professional leadership development I have ever done.


There is no fluffy psychobabble or ‘whoowhoo’ hype – it is just gutsy, real, practical and fun.


I highly recommend Catie for her ability to transform people’s thinking. Her work with us has made a lasting positive impact on my team and myself in leading the team. The insights she has provided into maximising my team’s performance have been invaluable.

Dr Renee Bartolo

Department of the Environment and Energy NT 

Catie was engaged as our Master of Ceremonies for a two-day event. I was impressed with her presence, enthusiasm, and professionalism. She kept the room of over 150 people interested, informed, and invested.  I thoroughly recommend her to any organisation and across any industry for your next event.

Sean Holden CEO 

Local Government Association NT