Fire Up February 2022

Your 28 Day Challenge


2022 is the year of changing gears!

 Have MORE happiness and calm and kiss negativity, self sabotage and sh*tty habits goodbye!

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The Fire Up February 28 Day Challenge will spark up your mental and physical health, your wealth, your relationships and your emotional resilience.

The motivation and encouragement in FUPF will have you feeling energised, positive, in control and on track!


Fire Up February 2022 includes:

Facebook group, live feeds & meditation:

  • A private Facebook group to keep you connected, accountable and on track
  • Empowering weekly Facebook Live Feeds to share my essential 'rules' to being emotionally fit and well
  • Weekly meditation hour with Michelle Ormsby, live at the new ART Your Life Headquarters and streamed online

Deep dive weekly webinars:

  • Mapping Goals and the secret to achieving them
  • The ins and outs of mental health - an in depth discussion with mental health expert, Jo Osborne
  • Money matters - an in depth discussion with financial freedom guru, Catherine Wells
  • Motivation Blues - the secret to staying on track!

Weekly mind and body exercise sessions:

  • Mind and Motion (MM) - a grounding and balancing blend of mindfulness and yoga

**** please note ALL sessions are recorded and available in your Facebook group throughout the entire month of February


It is time to fire up your February to make magic happen in your 2022.

Last year's FUPF was a HUGE success and I have been asked over and over to run it again.

"I was so motivated and got so much done"
"I wish you would run a version of FUPF every three months!"
"It was so good for me, I was on track with all of my goals"
"Catie, I need another FUPF, pleeeaase!"

So as you can see here it is with even more gold than 2021.

You MUST register by January the 30th to make sure you do not miss out on this opportunity to join the Fire Up Feb 28 Day Challenge.

Hurry up and book your place now and then keep your eye out for my Facebook invite for you to join the Fire Up February private group.

Lots of love Catie xo


Tickets $99


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