More than OK

Leadership & resilience program for teen girls

Miss A·R·T is specifically designed to strengthen self-esteem and resilience, build confidence and a self-belief mindset.

It also develops leadership skills and cultivates a focus on contributing to society and the lives of others.

A.R.T is the acronym for:

A - activating self awareness

R - reshaping thinking

T - transforming the relationship one has with self

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Innovative Program for Teenage Girls

Being a teen can be really tough. You’re under pressure from your family, your teachers, your friends, social media and your own expectations.

You feel like you have to be perfect and have the perfect body and the perfect life. You want to fit in and feel like you’re good enough. You wish you knew what your future held and what your purpose is.

Miss A.R.T is not about painting nor craft the ‘Miss’ stands for YOU and the A.R.T stands for Activate, Reshape and Transform.  It is a program for you if you are aged 13-17 years.

It is an innovative, fun and empowering program that gives you leadership and life skills that you don’t learn in school.  Miss A.R.T focuses on you being HEALTHY, HAPPY and CONFIDENT.


Miss A.R.T is founded in the philosophy that our girls are powerful, passionate, strong, supportive, supported and self aware.

Sure, sometimes they doubt and question themselves and can feel anxious and unsure.

Miss A.R.T has seen more than 400 girls participate in the program.

An external evaluation of the program found that on average girls experienced a:

40% increase in health (mental and emotional)
52% increase in happiness
63% increase in confidence

Miss A.R.T. - More Than OKAY

Leadership & Resilience Program for Teen Girls

What You Will Learn

Miss A.R.T has been specifically designed with all of this in mind and includes the following:

  1. Foundations of Success - know what you want and taking action
  2. The Mechanics of Your Mind - understand you and your feelings
  3. Positive Thinking - be your own best friend
  4. Personal Power - have boundaries, say no and resolve conflict
  5. Body Love - understand what negatively and positively influences your body image
  6. Behaviour Dynamics - understand yours and everybody else's
  7. Calm and Mindful - stress less and mindfully manage your emotions



Miss A.R.T - MoreThan OKAY

Leadership & Resilience Program for Teen Girls


22 - 23 May 2021 - Foundations Workshop Weekend

16 June 2021 - Live Online Check n Webinar One Hour

14 July 2021 - Wrap Up Day with Inspirational Guests