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We can all be short on time and motivation.

It is challenging to 'stay on track' and all too often we go backwards.

Accountability and Momentum are key ingredients to helping you be the person you want to be - more often!

The AYLFL Hub is perfect for continual growth, direction, learning, connection, inspiration and support.

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What's included in your Monthly Subscription?

  • ART Leaf SML

    Monthly Workshops (Face-to-Face and Zoom or Webinar)

    During the first week of every month a workshop will be held with carefully chosen topics and guest speakers.  They will be interesting, engaging and at times eye opening!  Your monthly guest speaker workshops will be interspersed with essential mindset seminars with Catie, to keep you ARTing your life.

  • ART Leaf SML

    Weekly Live Feed

    Catie will connect with you, online, every Thursday at 7:30pm in a live Facebook feed.  Call it your weekly mental fitness 'PT Session'.  Your workout will be filled with relevant an motivational insights and of course you will be encouraged to ask questions and comment.  (When Catie is on leave a special guest will host the live feed.)

  • ART Leaf SML

    Private Facebook Group and dedicated A.R.T Your Life for Life Coordinator and Catie

    Regular posts, updates, mindset reminders, checking in and of course, a private space for you to be encouraged and supported.

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Future Workshops include facsinating topics such as:

A.R.T Your Sexuality

A.R.T Your Bad Habits

A.R.T Your Home

A.R.T Your Creativity

A.R.T Your Spirituality

A.R.T Your Hormones

AYLFL Monthly Subscription

$40 per month inc gst

  • Online and/or Face-to-Face
  • Cheaper than the cost of a sandwich and a drink every week!