My corporate programs  strengthen emotional and social intelligence, mental wellbeing, resilience and self-awareness.

Corporate Coaching

With Catie Kirke

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A.R.T Your Life (the acronym for Activating self awareness, Reshaping thinking in order to Transform areas life) assists individuals and teams to increase their capability, outcomes, and potential through a strong focus on self-leadership and personal management.

My corporate programs strengthen emotional and social intelligence, mental wellbeing, resilience and self-awareness. They also have a strong focus on behavioural flexibility and agility, mindfulness, stress management, self-confidence, and personal accountability, thereby cultivating a positive growth mindset in both a personal and professional environment. We deliver:

  • High Performance Coaching
  • Team Building and Development
  • Workshops and Training

Meet Catie Kirke - A.R.T. Your Life Creator & Founder


Catie Kirke
High Performance Coaching

Transformational life coach, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Trainer, Extended Disc Personality Profile Specialist, and Values Pendulum® Consultant.

Catie is a passionate presenter, dynamic trainer and one of Australia’s leading coaches, having delivered delivered over 10,000 hours of group facilitation and training and 8,000 hours of individual coaching.

After running her own highly successful fitness centre, being named NT Telstra Business Woman of the year, and acting as a change-agent to government departments, Catie founded and created her signature program, the 7-week A.R.T Your Life Intensive, designed to bring the “best of the best” of her 20 years of expertise to busy women in a structure that’s accessible, life-changing and fun!

Her engaging training style and personal brand of enthusiasm inspires action and creates breakthrough performance results where it matters. In addition to leading A.R.T Your Life intensives, Catie facilitates corporate training programs, team workshops and is sought out for public speaking engagements across Australia.

What some of our corporate client's say

"Catie is a charismatic and highly engaging speaker and trainer. She thoroughly researches and understands her audience and has an innate ability to deliver her message with power, compassion and a strong intention to serve. I highly recommend Catie to anyone who is committed to developing themselves, their teams and their community. She is an Australian Trailblazer!"

- Alice Haemmerle

"Catie created material that was based on each of our own unique personalities which is pretty awesome, I haven’t experienced a workshop like that before. Through the workshops, our team gained a better understanding and appreciation for one another (which creates for a more team based environment) and a greater understanding of how we can work on a more personal level with our clients. I cannot recommend Catie and her programs highly enough."

- Sally Carnesi

"Catie Kirke recently worked with my team at the Department of the Environment and Energy’s Supervising Scientist Branch located in Darwin. Within a short time period there was a positive transformation in the team. Catie ran a workshop after profiling team members and then followed up with one-on-one coaching. We previously had facilitators work with the team with minimal impact. After the workshop Catie ran, team members started taking responsibility for themselves and their behaviour, with a noticeable difference within a week of the workshop. Catie worked through our different communication styles in a way other facilitators had not, which has had a long-lasting effect. I highly recommend Catie for her ability to transform people’s thinking. Her work with us has made a lasting positive impact on my team and myself in leading the team. The insights she has provided into maximising my team’s performance have been invaluable. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information."

- Dr Renee Bartolo

"I first met Catie in the pre-planning for our 2021 NT Local Government Elected Member Induction Symposium 5 and 6 October 2021 and was immediately impressed with her presence, enthusiasm, and professionalism. Catie was engaged as our Master of Ceremonies for a two-day event from 8am to 5pm.Long days to concentrate, long days to keep people engaged as the subject matter was admittedly very dry. Catie kept the room of over 150 people interested, informed, and invested. She did this by reading the room, keeping the speakers to time, summing up each session with concise takeaway messages and using them to segue into the next presentation. She handled questions from the floor to each speaker with great aplomb and respect as the subject matter was at times very sensitive. Catie created a friendly and relaxed environment for attendees to feel comfortable and entertained. With a ready smile and boundless energy, I thoroughly recommend Catie Kirke to any organisation and across any industry for your next event."

- Sean Holden

Some of the associations we have worked with


  • Management of self
  • Emotional intelligence, wellness and resilience
  • Communication with confidence and influence
  • Having behavioural flexibility and managing stress
  • Behavioral profiling and team profiling
  • Building effective leaders, managers and teams
  • Self awareness and responsibility
  • Increasing confidence and capacity

Signature Series Workshops

1. Lifefit Dimensions and the Principles of Success
2. Language That Shapes Your World
3. You Are What You Believe
4. The Mechanics of Your Mind
5. What You Need and How You Behave
6. The Magic Pill – a Contemporary and Powerful Take on Time Management
7. Behaviour Dynamics – Yours and Everyone Else’s

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Public Speaking

Quality Customer Service Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

Staff Motivation

Stress Management

Team Work and Team Building Creating a Culture Shift

Time Management Work / Life Balance

Presentation and Facilitation Communication with Influence

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Personal Coaching

High Performance Coaching