The Essence of You – 14, 15 & 21st  May – 3 Days


May 14 2022


10:00 am

The Essence of You – 14, 15 & 21st  May – 3 Days

Do you feel a calling to expand and nourish your mind, heart and soul?

Then it’s time to reinvent your expectations, patterns, what you are and aren’t doing, how you are being and ultimately what you experience on a daily basis.

During Your 3-Day Intensive You Will:

• Be immersed in a complete  refresher and overhaul

• Complete an online assessment to uncover your core values (they might just surprise you …. mine did!)

• Identify intentional actions to embody these core values

• Experience a ‘what does or can my life mean’ psychological analysis

• Explore the essential elements to being in flow and ‘letting things happen’

• Create a visual ‘organiser’ that intersects your passions, how you fit into the world and the roles you have in life

• Let go of old shitty beliefs to embody the self-honouring ones you KNOW you should believe in

• Feel calm and centred with daily mindfulness meditations and activities

• Enjoy some self reflection homeplay in between the first 2 days and the final day


Take a deep dive to discover your purpose and true self!


14, 15 & 21st  May 2022

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Catie Kirke
0411 383 761

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