Me, Myself and I

Intensive bespoke program for women

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Are you hungry for profound change?

Me, Myself and I

The three-day MMI breakthrough coaching program is not for the faint-hearted.

It has been designed for women who are literally hungry for immediate, deep and profound change. During the three days, I will guide you through a personalised process that will help you to peel back the onion layers that have kept you, your mind and your soul in a holding pattern.

This program is for you if you have been:

  • Holding onto past regrets
  • Unable to let go of the negative impact of traumatic experiences such as bullying, loss, abuse or failure
  • Battling with eating, drinking or thinking too much
  • Continuing to feel uncomfortable in your own skin
  • Struggling to say no and keep being a people pleaser
  • Wishing you could stop feeling angry, frustrated, anxious and simply not good enough
  • Sabotaging your own professional potential and success


I get it – you’ve read books,  listened to podcasts, are great at giving advice to others and present to the world as if you have your shit together, BUT… there is still a part of you that remains hurt, avoidant, and frustrated with yourself.  You haven’t been able to stop sabotaging or sacrificing your own happiness, and you are sick of it.


Me, Myself and I is the key to you finally feeling and being at peace with yourself by breaking through those barriers.


Choose to become the best version of yourself and register for Me, Myself and I today.

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Note: Me, Myself and I is limited to six women per program

Me, Myself and I

Who is Catie Kirke

I am regarded as one of Australia's top coaches for women. 
You can book a fortnightly one-to-one coaching session with me to achieve similar results.
 BUT do you really want to wait three months to peel back those onion layers?
Remember - Time waits for no one
Me, Myself and I is the equivalent to 20 hours of NLP Master Practitioner Coaching and is only open to six participants.
Change is by choice - choose you and reserve your place now.

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"If you could do it alone, you already would have done it by now!"

- Catie Kirke