Coaching to help you reach your personal and professional potential

With Catie Kirke

Catie Kirke Coaching

Catie Kirke is an experienced mindfulness and neuroscience practitioner, well-being and executive coach, human behaviour specialist, and fitness and wellbeing professional. 

She is recognized as a leading transformational coach. Her qualifications and experience in helping people to have and maintain an optimal personal and professional quality of life is highly regarded. 

Catie has a Diploma in Life Coaching, Business and Fitness and has researched and studied neuroscience, Action Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and mindfulness-based life management. 

Catie has a holistic coaching approach that encompasses the physical, emotional and mental elements of each of her clients and their quality of life – at work, rest and play.

Your coaching

Catie is booked out well in advance with personal and executive clients and has a range of coaching packages available.

She tailor makes these to suit your needs with some including personality profiling, leadership assessments and 360’s.

Catie’s clients range from Executive Directors seeking strategic tools to better manage personal work life balance and or manage their teams more effectively to individuals wanting to change habits, heal from past experiences and or find greater purpose and meaning in life.


Please complete the form below so I can contact you. I will give you a call or send you an email so we can explore what it is you most want to gain from your coaching. If we feel we are a great fit, I will create a tailor-made coaching package for you. 


I encourage you to take action today as my coaching sessions are booked out at least 4 weeks in advance in saying that if you have an immediate need I do what I can to fit you in ASAP.



Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential. It enhances growth, confidence and clarity and propels you to where and how you want to be personally and professionally.

- Catie Kirke