Power of Purpose

Next program - Sunday 26th November 2023

What on earth am I here for? 

BIG question - I know!

When it remains unanswered - happiness, fulfilment, authenticity and vitality are casualties in our lives.

Our two-day program will empower you to discover the meaning and purpose of your life.

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The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out WHY. Mark Twain

The Power of Purpose program will help you to:

Stop feeling rudderless and disgruntled

Connect with the inner architecture of who you really are and want to be

Be invigorated and passionate rather than stuck or ambivalent in groundhog day

Discover your purpose and how to fulfil it

Walk away from should have's and could have's and instead feel a sense of inner peace and direction

Align yourself with the real and authentic you so that you are free from comparison and faking it until you make it

Live a meaningul life that you love - truly, madly and deeply

Be a happier, more present, authentic, engaged, passionate and positive person


Sun 26th November - SOLD OUT

Key takeouts

My sense of not being good enough and feelings of guilt and depression have been a result of not  knowing my true values 

I always thought i was an authentic person but OMG I have now realised that it is fanciful if you don't know  your true self  and you can't know this without having meaning and purpose 

No wonder I have never achieved my goals - they weren't aligned with my purpose!

My purpose does not need to be a grand 'save the world' 

Being in flow is key to feeling happy, invigorated  and at the same time centred and present

Differences to my life

I am happier and now feel free to be me. I now have a general feeling of  pride, personal empowerment  and optimism with  thanks to my new  profound awareness of my beliefs, values and purpose

I have been confidently making BIG life changing decisions  and I am beyond excited. At last I feel  like I  have meaning  and purpose and I am aligned with my destiny 

I have been more productive and focused. I have said goodbye to procrastination  and I am now stepping up and out to realise my potential and my purpose. 

I am longer lost and rudderless. I used to feel like i was just existing from day to day and living a very beige and boring life. I have now  reinvented every aspect of my life 


I would recommend anyone and everyone to do the Power of Purpose workshop. It is powerful beyond measure no matter stage in life you are at. 

I highly recommend you to do this workshop. Simple. Effective. Suprising. It will answer all of your questions about your purpose and your why

Anyone who is looking for the answer to the big question of what your purpose is - this is it

This program brought me to life  and it will do the same for you

Join us for the next Power of Purpose Program

Without purpose life has no meaning and true happiness is elusive

- Catie Kirke