Programs for Women

I have helped hundreds of women A.R.T their lives and I can help you too!



Signature 7-Week Program

My 7-Week Program is life changing.  It gives you the strategies, support, encouragement and accountability you need to transform your life. 

Mindset Mastery

The 5-Day Mindset Mastery training is an advanced personal and professional leadership program that will rebuild your understanding of the mechanics and power of our minds.

A.R.T Your Life Hub

We can all be short on time and motivation. Accountability and momentum are key ingredients to help you be the person you want to be - more often!

The Hub is perfect for continual growth, direction, learning, connection, inspiration and support.

The Essence of You

Do you feel a calling to expand and nourish your mind, heart and soul? Then it's time to reinvent your expectations, patterns, what you are and aren't doing, how you are being and ultimately what you experience on a daily basis.

Discover your purpose and true self.

Personal Coaching

With Catie Kirke


Nothing beats personalised coaching to help you discover how to create more fulfilment, happiness and purpose for you and your life.

Your coaching helps you let go of limiting beliefs, self-doubt and/or self-sabotage. It also helps you to overcome past hurts, guilt or pain and change habits.

Every champion has a coach and as an NLP coach I have thousands of hours of experience and am an expert in my field.

"I will... Hold your hand, Embrace your heart, Have your back and Walk beside you, EVERY STEP of the way"

- Catie Kirke


Meet Catie Kirke - A.R.T Your Life Creator & Founder

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Catie Kirke
A.R.T Your Life Creator & Founder
Transformational Coach
NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer Business Coach & Mentor

Catie Kirke, an award-winning business woman and best-selling author from Darwin, is winning hearts across the world and helping to shape the future for women with her nationally acclaimed A.R.T Your Life programs.

During her own journey of transformation, Catie became a qualified life coach & human behaviour specialist, and harnessed those strategies together with her fitness background to create a revolutionary approach to creating fast and lasting change. She has gone on to coach and inspire thousands of women and is in high demand as a public speaker.

Catie Kirke is:

  • Successful and accomplished business woman
  • Exceptional facilitator, trainer, mentor and transformational coach
  • Human behaviour and personality profiling specialist
  • Mindfulness practitioner and soon to be qualified yoga instructor
  • Proud Territorian
  • Mother to an extraordinary 28-year-old young woman and a very cute fur child
  • Retired gym owner, fitness instructor, police trainer and personal trainer
  • Advocate for being body positive and saying no to ‘beauty ideals’
  • Down to earth, forever learning, caring, no bullshit kind of person
  • Lover of interesting D and M conversations, sunsets, coffee and icy poles
  • Believer in leadership and self-determination and that no matter how challenging or hard it may seem - change is absolutely possible!

Since the run-away success of A.R.T Your Life programs in her hometown of Darwin, Catie and her team are bringing the message of self-transformation across Australia. Simply put, Catie is a woman on a mission! A mission “To help women across the world love themselves, their bodies, and their lives.”

A.R.T Your Life Testimonials

'I learnt so much about myself, my habits, my reactions, my behaviours and what makes me (and others) tick.' 

'I feel happier and lighter before I even consciously put the lessons into action. A general feeling of comfort and purpose due to awareness of beliefs, values and purpose'.

'It has had an incredible impact on my life and given me practical tools to move into the future with a clearer vision.' 

'I have finally let go of past crap and limiting beliefs that had been weighing me down for years! I feel like a new person and I am loving myself!'  

'There is no fluffy 'psychobabble' or 'whoowhoo' hype - it is just gutsy, real, practical and fun'. 

'In over 30 years of working in Government it is the most comprehensive and impactful personal and professional leadership development I have ever done.'