I have helped hundreds of women A.R.T their lives and I can help you too!

Due to popular demand, we are expanding our programs for women online and will soon be hosting amazing life changing retreats.



Line in the Sand

My Line in the Sand Program for Women is life changing.  It gives you the strategies, support, encouragement and accountability you need to transform your life. 

Power of Purpose

This two-day program helps you to explore the BIG questions. What am I here for? What is my purpose and who am I really?

Join me to find your own answers and discover your true self, meaning and purpose.  

Me, Myself & I

This three-day MMI breakthrough coaching program is not for the faint-hearted. It has been designed for women who are literally hungry for immediate, deep and profound change.

"If you could do it alone, you already would have done it by now!"

- Catie Kirke

A.R.T Your Life Testimonials

'I learnt so much about myself, my habits, my reactions, my behaviours and what makes me (and others) tick.' 

'I feel happier and lighter before I even consciously put the lessons into action. A general feeling of comfort and purpose due to awareness of beliefs, values and purpose'.

'It has had an incredible impact on my life and given me practical tools to move into the future with a clearer vision.' 

'I have finally let go of past crap and limiting beliefs that had been weighing me down for years! I feel like a new person and I am loving myself!'  

'There is no fluffy 'psychobabble' or 'whoowhoo' hype - it is just gutsy, real, practical and fun'. 

'In over 30 years of working in Government it is the most comprehensive and impactful personal and professional leadership development I have ever done.'