The Essence 0f You

with Catie Kirke

What am I here for?  What is my purpose and who am I really?

Questions we all ask ourselves but find they are all too often unanswered.

This two-day program has been designed to help you find the answers and discover your true self, meaning and purpose.

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Discover your true self, meaning and purpose...

During Your 2-Day Intensive Program, You Will:

• Complete an online assessment to uncover your core values (they might just surprise you .... mine did!

• Identify intentional actions to embody these core values

• Experience a 'what does or can my life mean' psychological analysis

• Explore the essential elements to being in flow and 'letting things happen'

• Create a visual 'organiser' that intersects your passions, how you fit into the world and the roles you have in life

• Let go of old shitty beliefs to embody the self-honouring ones you KNOW you should believe in

• Feel calm and centred with daily mindfulness meditations and activities

The Essence of You Program Will Help You To:

• Feel like you have more peace and purpose

• Achieve some BIG goals for your health, wealth and self

• Be true to who you really are - or want to be!

• Understand and fulfil your 'why'

• Realign your values and beliefs

• Walk your talk and in doing so step up and out


10th & 11th September 2022

Times are 10 am – 4 pm

Each day

Key Takeouts

'Understanding that feelings of unhappiness, guilt, depression etc can be caused by values violations or not being aligned with your values'.

'That feeling cognitive dissonance (uncomfortable) is sometimes beneficial!'.

'That my purpose does not need to be a grand statement and that what I think and what I do need to be in alignment to achieve my purpose'. 

'The  importance of being in flow to tap into the unconscious and true self'.

Differences Made to my Life

'I feel happier and lighter and have a general feeling of comfort and purpose with thanks to my new awareness of my beliefs, values and purpose'.

'I have been making decisions more aligned with my values and purpose which has made the decisions easier.  I feel contentment from making these decisions'.

'I have been more productive and focused. I have completed tasks and not procrastinated. I believe this is because these tasks will help me to feel aligned with my values and my purpose'.


'I would recommend anyone and everyone to do The Essence of You workshops. I think it is valuable information for any stage in your life'. 

'I would recommend you to do this workshop. Simple. Effective. Can answer all of your questions about your purpose, beliefs and values. I  highly recommend to all'.

'I would recommend The Essence of You to anyone who is looking for answers to the big question of what their purpose is.

This program really breaks it down and removes the overwhelm this question might raise.

It has helped me to question my values and how my beliefs need to align with them. It has reminded me the importance of being mindful and in flow and how this helps unlock the unconscious mind.

The Essence of You has also reminded me of the importance of having goals no matter how big or small to provide evidence of my achievements and confirm that I am growing'.

The Essence of You Options:

The Essence of You

paid in full

  • Delivered FACE to FACE
  • Payment Plan Available $895 ($395 deposit plus 2 x fortnightly payments of $250)
2 Full Days

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"If you could do it alone, you already would have done it by now!"

- Catie Kirke