With Catie Kirke

My workshops are life changing personally and professionally.

It gives you the strategies, support, encouragement and accountability you need,
to transform the areas of your life that you wish were different and more fulfilling.

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"YOU are the only person you go to sleep with every night and wake up with every day. The relationship YOU have with YOU is the most important relationship you have"

- Catie Kirke

Upcoming Workshops

  • Saturday 9th April 2022
    Behaviour Dynamics – yours and everybody else’s

    With your own personality profile and this fun and in-depth workshop you will learn why you do what you do and don’t do what you don’t do. The more you learn about your own innate and unconscious behavioural patterns, the more you will understand yourself AND the complexities and nuances of other people. Leadership of yourself, your family and of others is pretty tough without having a sound knowledge of personality types and human behaviour.

Behavior Dynamics

$420 $340 Women at Work Special

1-day workshop
  • Sunday 10th April 2022
    Loving Food for Food and Being Body Positive (1-day workshop)

    Finally, the real facts, science and biochemistry on food, mood, gut health and weight management with Dr Richard Sager (DrPH). Discover the four eating profiles to give you an entirely new perspective on enjoying food. Get away from eating guilt good and bad food rules. Take charge of your body image to make and keep positive in a world that is consumed by the perfect ideal!

Loving Food

$320 $240 Women at Work Special

1-day workshop
  • Sunday 24th April 2022
    Magical Relationships (1-day workshop)

    Explore the reasons why we reject love, have intimacy issues, are constant people pleasers and/or struggle with boundaries. Gain necessary insight into your love languages and what you most need and don’t need in a relationship. This workshop will have you thinking ‘why on earth don’t they teach this stuff at school?’ and ‘I finally feel I can communicate without being defensive or having to prove a point.’ Understanding intimate relationships (whether you are in one or not) is just as important as knowing how to be a good friend! If you have a partner, we encourage you to bring them along.

Magical Relationships

$320 individual
$420 couple

$240 individual
$340 couple
Women at Work Special

1-day workshop

Plus you will also receive & have access to:

Behavioural Analysis Report

Are you ready for some powerful ‘A-HA’ moments? You will receive an in-depth, 22-page report revealing your personality profile and preferred behavioural style. This report gives you an immediate snapshot insight into who you REALLY are including your strengths, challenges, motivators and demotivators.

A.R.T Private Facebook Group

Motivation, support, and connection with Catie and your team to keep the encouragement, results, growth, and change happening every day.

Weekly Online Webinars - to keep you motivated and accountable!

These live online sessions are filled with insights and strategies to speed up and embed your results. Some of the deep dive content includes the art of:

  • Mindfulness
  • Boosting your natural happy chemicals
  • Loving the voice inside your head
  • Being okay with feeling – the good, the bad & the ugly!
  • Understanding and utilising the power of your unconscious mind.